Embracing the Future: Top Pool Building Trends in Knoxville for 2023

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, Knoxville is not just known for its vibrant culture and the University of Tennessee; it also enjoys an evolving landscape of homes with beautiful backyards. As more Knoxville residents look towards enhancing their outdoor spaces, the trend of building stylish and functional pools is on the rise. Knoxville Pool Construction has become a sought-after service, with an increasing number of homeowners aiming to stay updated with the latest trends. But what are the most significant trends in pool building for 2023? Find out in this article.

Sustainable Pool Designs

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a lifestyle choice. In the world of pool design, there’s an increasing emphasis on eco-friendly materials and energy-saving technologies.

Natural Pools

Natural pools use plants and natural filtration systems to keep the water clean, eliminating the need for chemicals. These pools blend seamlessly with the environment and have a rustic charm.

Solar Heating Systems

Harnessing solar energy to heat pools is becoming more popular. Solar panels or solar blankets can capture the sun’s energy, reducing the need for traditional heating methods.

Smart Pools

The age of technology has seeped into pool designs. Homeowners now seek the integration of smart technology in their pools for ease and convenience.

Automated Cleaning Systems

Robotic cleaners and automated filtration systems make pool maintenance easier than ever. These devices can be programmed to clean at specific times, ensuring a pristine pool with minimal effort.

LED Lighting

LED lights are energy-efficient and versatile. They come in various colors, allowing homeowners to set the mood for nighttime swims or parties. Plus, they last longer than traditional bulbs.

Health and Wellness Features

With health and wellness gaining prominence, pools are being designed to cater to these needs.

Lap Pools

Lap pools are slim, long pools designed primarily for exercise. They’re perfect for those who want a pool for fitness rather than leisure.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Some pools are now equipped with hydrotherapy jets. These jets provide a massage-like experience, aiding in muscle relaxation and promoting overall well-being.

Infinity Pools

The luxury of infinity pools, once limited to resorts and high-end hotels, is now making its way to residential homes. These pools give the illusion of water merging with the horizon, offering a mesmerizing view.

Smaller Pools or “Spools”

Not every backyard has the space for a full-sized pool. Enter “spools” – a combination of a spa and pool. They are compact, versatile, and perfect for smaller spaces. They provide the relaxation of a spa with the leisure of a pool.

Integrated Landscaping

Pools are no longer standalone features. They’re integrated with the overall landscape design, creating a harmonious backyard environment.

Deck Integration

The pool deck is seen as an extension of the pool itself. Using complementary materials and designs ensures that the pool area feels unified with the surrounding space.

Garden Integration

Integrating the garden with the pool creates a lush, oasis-like feel. Plants, shrubs, and even trees can be positioned around the pool, adding to its aesthetic appeal.


The pool building trends of 2023 highlight a blend of technology, sustainability, and design innovation. Knoxville Pool Construction showcases how these innovations are not just about leisure; they’re about enhancing lifestyle and well-being. Whether it’s the smart features or the emphasis on eco-friendliness, these trends ensure that pools are not just about leisure but about enhancing lifestyle and well-being. For residents of places like Knoxville, where the charm of nature meets urban amenities, these trends provide an opportunity to blend the best of both worlds in their backyards.