Who Is The Founder Of Benihana

Benihana is a famous American restaurant in New York City. The founder of Benihana launched this restaurant in 1964. It owns about 116 Japanese-influenced restaurants around the world. You can keep on reading to know more about the founder of Benihana in detail.

Who Is The Founder Of Benihana

The founder of Benihana is Hiroaki Aoki. Hiroaki is best known as Rocky Aoki. He was a Japanese-American amateur wrestler and restaurateur. The founder of Benihana was born in Tokyo, the Empire of Japan.

About The Founder Of Benihana

The founder of Benihana was the son of Katsu and Yunosuke Aoki. Hiroaki and his friends started a rock and roll band called Rowdy Sounds. Later on, Hiroaki abandoned music for athletics.

Aoki founder of Benihana attended Keio University. Over here, he competed in track and field, karate, and wrestling. Hiroaki got qualified for the 1960 Summer Olympics for wrestling in Rome. But he was unable to complete it.

Later on, Benihana owner Aoki toured the United States. In fact, he was undefeated in the wrestling 112-pound flyweight class. However, Aoki was offered several wrestling scholarships from different American colleges. He then attended Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Later, he was transferred to CW Post College on Long Island.

In New York, Aoki used to work in an ice cream truck while studying restaurant management at New York City Community College. In 1963, he received his associate degree in management. Aoki used his all savings from the ice cream business to convince his father to co-invest in the first Benihana. This name was taken from the Japanese name for safflower. In fact, this name was suggested by his father. His father was walking through the bonded-out ruins of post-war Tokyo when he noticed single red safflower growing in the rubble.

The founder of Benihana Rocky was married three times. His third wife was Keiko Aoki. With her, he had seven children. The son of Benihana founder is Steve Aoki. While Devon Aoki was Benihana’s owner’s daughter

In 1979, Aoki suffered major injuries in an accident. During that time, he was an offshore powerboat racer. It was Errol Lanier, a former fireman who saved his life in a near-fatal powerboat crash under the Golden Gate Bridge.

In 1999, the founder of Benihana was arrested and given three years’ probation. He was charged with insider trading and profiting by more than $590,000 from it. Later on, he was also fined for $500,000. Later on, Rocky died of pneumonia in New York City. During his death, the founder of Benihana had been suffering from diabetes, Hepatitis C, and cirrhosis of the liver.

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What Is Benihana Founder’s Net Worth?

Benihana’s founder’s estimated net worth is about $40 million dollars.

What Is Hiroaki Aoki’s Net Worth?

Hiroaki Aoki’s estimated net worth is about $40 million dollars.

Did The Owner Of Benihana Go To Jail?

Yes, the owner of Benihana did go to jail for three years. He was also fined $500,000 for illegally profiting.

What Happened To The Founder Of Benihana?

The founder of Benihana died at the age of 69 due to pneumonia.

Did Steve Aoki’s Dad Invent Benihana?

Yes, Steve Aoki’s dad Hiroaki Aoki invented Benihana. 

Who Is Steve Aoki’s Dad?

Hiroaki Aoki is Steve Aoki’s Dad.

Is Benihana Still Owned By The Aoki Family?

In 2014, Aoki’s heirs eventually regained legal control of their father’s estate, but Ono, as a trustee, still retained significant control over their 50 million dollar inheritance.

What Does Benihana Mean In Japanese?

red safflower

A red safflower found in the neighbourhood streets gave the Aoki’s the inspiration for the restaurant’s name; ‘Benihana – or ‘red flower‘ in Japanese. 

Are RA And Benihana The Same Company?

It owns or franchises 116 Japanese-influenced restaurants around the world, including its flagship Benihana Teppanyaki brand, as well as the Haru (fusion cuisine) and RA Sushi restaurants.


With the help of my above article, you got to know who is the founder of benihana. Hiroaki Aoki is the one who invented this restaurant first in New York. The name of this restaurant was suggested by his father. Thus, that’s all you need to know about the founder of Benihana

What happened to Benihana founder

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