Who Is The Founder Of Gnarhunters?

Gnarhunters is a skateboard and apparel brand that has become a popular part of the skateboarding community.

Who Is The Founder Of Gnarhunters?

The founder of Gnarhunters is Michael Sieben, a well-known skateboarder and artist who has been involved in the skateboarding industry for many years. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Michael Sieben and his contributions to the skateboarding world through the founding of Gnarhunters.

About Founder Of Gnarhunters

Michael Sieben was born in 1979 in Austin, Texas. He grew up skateboarding and became heavily involved in the skateboarding community in the 1990s. He started out as a skateboarder and soon began to explore his talents as an artist. He began creating skateboard graphics and other artwork, which quickly gained attention within the skateboarding community.

In 2001, Sieben founded Gnarhunters with his friend and fellow skateboarder Andy Jenkins. The brand started out as a small project, with Sieben creating t-shirts and stickers featuring his own artwork. However, it quickly grew in popularity, and Gnarhunters became a well-known name within the skateboarding world.

One of the things that set Gnarhunters apart from other skateboard brands was its unique aesthetic. Sieben’s artwork often featured quirky, cartoonish characters and bold, bright colors. The brand’s designs were playful and irreverent, which resonated with many skateboarders who were looking for something different from the mainstream skateboard brands.

Over the years, Gnarhunters has continued to grow and evolve. The brand now offers a wide range of skateboard decks, apparel, and accessories, all featuring Sieben’s distinctive artwork. In addition to his work with Gnarhunters, Sieben has also published several books and worked as an artist and illustrator for various publications and brands.

Today, Michael Sieben is recognized as one of the most talented and influential artists in the skateboarding world. His contributions to the industry through his art and the founding of Gnarhunters have helped to shape the culture of skateboarding and inspire a new generation of skateboarders and artists.

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Where Did Gnarhunters Originate?

Based out of San Francisco, the company and total attitude of the collective reflect the roots and progression of skateboarding through surfing at its core with their slogan Skateboarding came from surfing. Gnarhunters comes from skateboarding.

What Happened To Elissa Steamer?

As of a January 2021 interview in Thrasher, Elissa lives with her fiancé Rachel Garcia and their dogs Randy and Lily in San Francisco, California.

How Old Is Elissa Steamer?

Elissa Steamer is 47 years (July 31, 1975)

Where Is Elissa Steamer From?

Elissa Steamer is Born and raised in Fort Meyers, Florida, Steamer has been skating since she was 10 and was the first female pro to appear in the Tony Hawk video game series. She was also the first female to get a video part in the Toy Machine’s skate film Welcome to Hell. Steamer is sponsored by her own brand, Gnarhunters.

Who Owns Gnarhunters?

As of 2021, Gnarhunters is distributed by Baker Boys Distribution.


In conclusion, Michael Sieben’s contributions to the skateboarding world through his artwork and the founding of Gnarhunters have had a significant impact on the industry. His unique aesthetic and playful designs have helped to set Gnarhunters apart from other skateboard brands, and his artwork has inspired countless skateboarders and artists around the world. As the skateboarding world continues to evolve, it is clear that Sieben’s influence will continue to be felt for years to come.


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