Who Is The Founder Of IT Cosmetics

The founder of IT Cosmetics established this company in 2008. This cosmetics company was known for skincare and makeup products. So, today, I will tell you who is the founder of IT Cosmetics. You can keep on reading further if you want to know everything about the founder of IT Cosmetics.

Who Is The Founder Of IT Cosmetics

The founder of IT Cosmetics is Jamie Kern Lima and Paulo Lima. The founder of IT Cosmetics Jamie’s birth name is Jamie Marie Kern. She is an American entrepreneur, investor, and a famous media personality.

About The Founder Of IT Cosmetics

The founder of IT Cosmetics was the first person in her family who attended college. Jamie went to Washington State University. Over here, she graduated valedictorian. In 2004, Jamie received her Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School. In fact, during her college days, Jamie used to work as a waitress at Denny’s. She also used to bag groceries at Safeway.

Jamie often faced difficulties with makeup products due to rosacea and hyperpigmentation. So, in 2008, she co-founded IT Cosmetics. In the beginning, the business struggled for years as beauty retailers rejected her products.

Later on, Jamie was featured on a 10-min QVC segment. In this segment, she wiped her makeup off to illustrate the use of IT Cosmetics concealers. Surprisingly, all the products were sold out by the end of the segment.

Slowly, the company had more than $182 million in net sales. The founder of IT Cosmetics also appeared in more than 1000 live QVC shows. Over here, IT Cosmetics became the largest beauty brand on QVC’s network.

In 2016, this brand was acquired by L’Oreal for $1.2 billion dollars. Jamie still remained with the company upon the acquisition. In fact, she was the first female CEO of a L’Oreal brand. In 2019, Jamie Kern Lima announced on Instagram that she is leaving the company. 

Since 2017, Jamie has been included on the Forbes list of America’s RIchest Self-Made Women. She is the third youngest on the list after Taylor Swift and Beyonce. The founder of IT Cosmetics is married to Paulo Lima. The couple together has two children and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Jamie appeared in the first season of Big Brother. After this show, she started her career as a morning news anchor at KNDU in Tri-Cities, Washington. At the same time, she also worked as a field reporter. She did live reports from Vatican City for KNDU in Kennewick on Pope John Paul II’s death.

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Who Is The CEO Of IT Cosmetics?

The CEO of IT Cosmetics is Nicholas Hieronimus.

What Happened To Jamie The Founder Of IT Cosmetics?

The founder of IT Cosmetics Jamie sold IT cosmetics to L’Oreal for $1.2 billion in 2016.

Why Did Jamie Kern Lima Leave IT Cosmetics?

Jamie Kern Lima left IT Cosmetics to take better care of herself.

Who Is IT Cosmetics Owned By?

The owner of IT Cosmetics is L’Oreal.

How Much Is IT Cosmetics Founder’s Net Worth?

The net worth of IT Cosmetics’ founder is about $460 million dollars.

How Much Is Jamie Kern Lima’s Net Worth?

Jamie Kern Lima’s net worth is roughly $460 million dollars.

Who Is Jamie Kern Lima’s Husband?

Paulo Lima is Jamie Kern Lima’s husband.

What Is The Story Behind IT Cosmetics?

Founder, Jamie Kern Lima, couldn’t find products that solved her beauty concerns, including sparse brows and redness, so she partnered with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to create them. Discover how IT Cosmetics has grown into the global brand it is today!

Is IT Cosmetics Good For Mature Skin?

If you’re shopping for makeup for mature skin, you’ll find a winner in IT Cosmetics’ best-selling* CC+ Cream with SPF 50+. Packed with SPF 50+ physical sunscreen, this multitasking foundation improves hydration, diffuses skin imperfections, and delivers flawless-looking coverage without feeling or looking heavy.

Is Jamie Kern Lima A Billionaire?

“Champions aren’t made when the game is easy!” If inspiration was a person, Jamie would be it! Jamie Kern Lima started a makeup company in her living room and eventually sold it for over $1.2 BILLION! She’s on the Forbes Richest Self-Made Women’s List and is an active investor in more than 15 companies.

What Company Knocked Off IT Cosmetics?

The makeup line expanded from there, and eight years later, L’Oreal bought IT Cosmetics for $1.2 billion in cash. Kern Lima pocketed roughly $410 million from the deal, according to Forbes, and for about three years she stayed on as CEO of IT Cosmetics, which made her the first female CEO in L’Oreal’s history.


With the help of my above article, you got to know who was the founder of IT Cosmetics. Jamie the founder of IT Cosmetics partnered with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to make skin-loving products. Thus, that’s all you need to know about the founder of IT Cosmetics.

Who is the owner of IT Cosmetics

Who is the owner of IT Cosmetics