Who Is The Founder Of Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a hyperlocal social networking service. The founder of Nextdoor established this networking service in 2008. This networking company is based in San Francisco, California. In this post, you’ll get to know who’s the founder of Nextdoor. You can keep on reading if you are interested to know more about the founder of Nextdoor.

Who Is The Founder Of Nextdoor

The founder of Nextdoor is Nirav Toila. He founded this social networking service along with Prakash Janakiraman, David Wiesen, and Sarah Leary. Nirav was born in Odessa, Texas in the United States.

About the Founder Of Nextdoor

The founder of Nextdoor is the son of Kamal Tolia and Nalin Tolia. Nirav’s father was an ophthalmologist and his mother was a gynecologist. Nirav also has a brother who is now a doctor. But Nirav’s brother’s name has not been revealed. 

Nirav, the founder of Nextdoor completed his schooling at a private high school in Odessa, Texas. Later on, he got into studying B.A. in English at Stanford University. In fact, Nirav wanted to be a doctor since both his parents are in the field of medicine.

Nirav started his career at Yahoo! Here, he worked as an associate producer and surfer for 3 years. After 3 years, he left Yahoo! In 1999. Yahoo helped Nirav to gain a lot of experience. Later on, in 1997, he became the co-founder and president of Round Zero. Round Zero is an entertainment company. Over here, he served till 2002 for 5 years.

Nirav became the co-founder of Epinions in 1999. Over here, he worked as the vice president of marketing and business development till 2000. Later on, he became the CEO of the company in 2003. However, in 2007, he was the Entrepreneur in Residence for a year.

Later on, in 2008, he became the CEO of Fanbase which he had co-founded. In 2018, Nirav co-founded Nextdoor! This social networking service was launched in October 2011. Currently, Nextdoor is available in 11 countries. 

The co-founder of Nextdoor, Nirav got married to Meghan Tolia. Meghan is the vice president of Strategy and Ecommerce at Method Products. Meghan studied at the University of California and Harvard Business School. In fact, her company is also based in San Francisco. The couple together has three sons. In fact, on his Instagram page, Nirav has posted several photos and videos of his sons. The estimated net worth of the founder of Nextdoor is about $50 million dollars.

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How Much Is The Founder Of Nextdoor’s Net Worth?

The Nirav Toila. founder of Nextdoor’s valuation is about $50 million dollars.

Who Funded Nextdoor?

About 29 investors funded Nextdoor. ARK Investment Management and Soroban Captial Partners LP are one of the most recent investors of Nextdoors.

How Old Is The Founder Of Nextdoor?

The founder of Nextdoor Nirav Toila currently is 45 years old.  He founded this social networking service along with Prakash Janakiraman, David Wiesen, and Sarah Leary. 

Is Nextdoor Owned By Facebook?

Yes, Nextdoor is now part of the Facebook Audience Network i.e. FAN.

How Does Nextdoor Make Money?

Nextdoor makes money through ads within the feed of comments and questions by its users. The Nextdoor ads are similar to those on Facebook, which means comment on, like, or share.

Who Is The CEO Of Nextdoor?

The CEO of Nextdoor is Sarah Friar.

What Is The Net Worth Of Nextdoor?

Net Worth and Earnings

Nextdoor without a doubt is his biggest source of wealth. In 2022, the social network is expecting to make over $250 million in revenue. Today, the company is worth around $1.2 billion. Before this, he built his initial wealth on Round Zero, Epinions, Shopping.com, and Yahoo.

How Did Nirav Tolia Make His Money?

Tolia founded his neighborhood networking service, Nextdoor, in 2010 and since then, he has been making millions. His estimated net worth is $50 million. Tolia was the CEO of Nextdoor and under his eight years of leadership, the company turned out to be a huge success.


With the help of my above article, you got to know who is the founder of Nextdoor. Nirav Tolia is a rising entrepreneur who founded Nextdoor. In fact, Nirav Tolia was also known as the former CEO of Nextdoor before Sarah Friar. Thus, that’s all you need to know about the founder of Nextdoor.

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