Who Is The Founder Of Rolex?

In this article, I will clear up to you the founder of Rolex. Rolex is a British-founded Swiss watch designer and manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1905 in London. You keep reading to know more about the founder of Rolex watches.   

Who Is The Founder Of Rolex?

The founder of Rolex company is hans Wilsdorf who was a German Businessman. Hans was also better known as the founder of Tudor. He was one of the most successful businessmen in the world.  

About the Founder Of Rolex

Hans Wilsdorf was born on 22 March 1888 in Kulmbach, Germany to Anna and Johan Daniel Ferdinand Wilsdorf. He was the second child in a family of three children. His mother died when he was young, and Rolex founder orphan when his father died when he was twelve. 

Hans and his siblings were sent to an excellent boarding school where they received an excellent education. Wilsdorf excelled in mathematics and languages, which inspired him to travel and work abroad. The experience gained by Hans played an important role in his future business.  

Wilsdorf’s fortune passed to his uncle who sold his grandfather’s and later his father’s prosperous family iron tool business. Hans started his career as an apprentice at a powerful international pearl export company. Wilsdorf began his career in Swiss watchmaking in 1900 when he moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds to work as an English correspondent. In 1903 he went to work for a high-quality watchmaking company in England.  

In 1958 on Rolex’s 50th anniversary, share the story of Rolex founder who originally conceived the Rolex name in 1908. Hans Wilsdorf registered Montres Rolex SA in Geneva, in 1920 and the new company name later became Rolex SA. Rolex SA offers products under the Rolex and Tudor brands.  

The Hans Wilsdorf Foundation owns and controls Rolex to this day and donates to trust and general sources in Geneva, Switzerland.  In 1946, Wilsdorf published his autobiography as part of a four-volume set of books called Rolex Jubilee Mad Mecum. Rolex’s owner net worth is approximately $7.2 billion and Rolex company’s worth is $13 billion in 2021.    

The Rolex Milgauss was introduced in 1956 with an instance number of 6541. Wilsdorf died on July 6, 1960, in Geneva, Switzerland. Hans designed this watch with a special anti-magnetic 1000 gauss for scientists working in research laboratories, power plants, or medical facilities whose watches may be affected by magnetism. He was concealed next to his first and second wives in the King’s Cemetery in Geneva.  

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Who Is The Present Owner Of Rolex?

The Hans Wilsdorf Foundation

Since 1960, the company has been owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, a private family trust.

Was The Founder Of Rolex An Orphan?

An orphan at the age of 12, with nothing other than his determination to help him overcome challenges, Hans Wilsdorf went on to invent the world’s first waterproof self-winding wristwatch with a Perpetual rotor – a watch that has become a benchmark in terms of quality and prestige.

How Was Rolex Founded?

In 1905, at the age of 24, Hans Wilsdorf founded a company in London specialising in the distribution of timepieces. He began to dream of a watch worn on the wrist. Wristwatches were not very precise at the time, but Hans Wilsdorf foresaw that they could become not only elegant, but also reliable.

Which Country Owns Rolex?

Ltd., Swiss manufacturer of rugged but luxurious watches. Company headquarters are in Geneva. Founder Hans Wilsdorf was born in Germany but moved to Switzerland when he was a young man.

How To Tell If A Rolex Is Real?

A Rolex serial number is always engraved deeply into the metal, while the fake watches have serial numbers that are simply etched with acid. The placement of the serial number is also a sign of whether it is a true Rolex or not. Look for the serial number on the 6 o’clock side where the band connects to the lug.

How Did Rolex Get Its Name?

According to it the naming comes from the French phrase horlogerie exquise, meaning “hoROLogical EXcellence”. What is known, however, is that Wilsdorf wanted a name that would be easily pronounced in various languages (and probably not meaning anything so that it can be original).

Who Is Rolex Biggest Competitor?

The brand Rolex is well known for quality and elegant unique design. The Rolex ́s biggest competitors are Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, Tag Heuer.


Alfred Davis Rolex is another co-founder of Rolex SA with his brother-in-law Hans. Wilsdorf’s philosophy for the company was that only excellent marketing was necessary for the company to succeed. The founder of Rolex created his most successful and big empire called Rolex. 

Who is the real owner of Rolex

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