Potential Car Shipping Mistakes In San Francisco And Other Locations

Many interstate car transport companies are available to ship autos across the state, perhaps from San Francisco to New York City or maybe just to a neighboring state. While many of the services compare in their purpose, all are quite distinct in options and quality.

As the vehicle owner, the priority is avoiding common mistakes that often occur when transporting a car. You don’t want to have unpleasant surprises at the journey’s end.  

It’s essential to do due diligence in research before committing to a specific business to ensure the guidelines and costs meet your budget and needs.

Fees will range from one company to the next based on the special features or offers and how the business calculates their charges. Go here for cost guidelines when transporting a vehicle.

Let’s explore the potential mistakes when shipping an auto and how a car owner can avoid these.

Tips on Possible Mistakes with Car Transport and How Owners Can Avoid These

If you’re unfamiliar with car shipping, it can seem like an overwhelming process with the potential for mistakes. This is a reason to research the ins and outs to understand the various local companies, their costs, and how they calculate these.

No two companies are created the same; each offers different options, special features, and a unique method for deciding their price point. If you’re not up on how the processes work, you can readily have unpleasant surprises at the end of your experience.  

Let’s review possible mistakes owners can encounter when shipping a car without adequate knowledge.

  • Overpaying for transport

Car shipping rates vary not only from one company to the next but depending on the services you get within the same business. You’ll need to research competitive pricing based on the specific services you expect for your particular trip.  

You should have a quote of what the company will charge and precisely what that cost includes. The estimate should be read thoroughly, including the fine print, to avoid the possibility of hidden fees or charges, and ask about extra charges or fees on top of what you’re reading.

Most companies will supply complimentary quotes, making it easy to compare competitive rates. The lowest rates often mean less than quality processes. In this scenario, you could be stuck with a schedule that doesn’t correlate with your needs.  

Find out costs to transport a vehicle at https://www.caranddriver.com/shopping-advice/a27455106/cost-to-ship-a-car/#.

  • Research the business  

Before committing to any company, research their credentials. Any company performing car shipping should have a Department of Transport registration plus Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration registration when crossing state lines.  

The government agencies will give the companies registration numbers to offer customers so you can confirm the website credentials. You want to avoid car transport with any business that isn’t registered, or that avoids offering the details.

Verbally, supplying the details is insufficient. Everything needs to be official and in writing. The carrier should also provide legitimate references to speak for their past deliveries.

  • Documentation  

With auto shipping in San Francisco, businesses expect owners to present documentation before the cars are transported.

These include insurance certification, and registration for the auto, with the goal of proving to the carrier that the vehicle belongs to you, and you have the authority to transport it to another location.

Many times, owners fall short of supplying adequate paperwork, causing a delay in their shipment.  

Another part of the process involves a vehicle inspection before transport to document possible damage to the car on a bill of lading. This will be the only record of the car’s condition before the shipment.  

You’ll want to be available when this occurs, so it’s correct. Plus, you can take pictures during the inspection to have documented proof. Another inspection should be done when the car arrives at its destination.  

If new damage appears, this needs to be noted on the report to ensure the driver acknowledges and signs off. If not, the carrier won’t be able to submit an insurance claim.

Final Thought

One of the primary considerations when transporting your vehicle any distance from San Francisco is that the auto transport business has proper insurance. This is a requirement for companies offering interstate shipping to cover damages for autos they move. You’ll need to ask to see a copy to confirm the certificate.

You’ll also need to determine the coverage’s specifics to understand how your vehicle will be protected during transport. In some cases, if the coverage is insufficient, you can pay a fee to increase it. You can also look into getting extra personal coverage with your plan.

As long as you avoid possible mistakes with transporting your car, shipment services are convenient, efficient, and reliable for getting your vehicle from its current location to its new home.