What Area Code Is 847?

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In the intricate tapestry of telephone communication, area codes play a pivotal role in establishing connections. Area code 847 is one such numerical identifier that resonates with the suburban landscape of the United States. This article navigates through the details, uncovering the geographical and historical aspects of area code 847.

What Area Code Is 847?

Area code 847 is a three-digit numerical code that designates a specific geographic region within the United States. This section introduces the fundamental concept, providing an overview of the purpose and significance of area codes.

What Area Code Is 847 In America?

Area code 847 is a distinctive identifier within the American telecommunication landscape. This section delves into the geographical scope of area code 847, exploring the states and cities encapsulated by this numerical tag.

What State Is Area Code 847?

To pinpoint the geographical origin of area code 847, this section details the state associated with this numerical identifier. Understanding the state connection is crucial for grasping the regional context.

What Area Code Is 847 Chicago?

For those seeking specificity within Illinois, this section narrows down the focus to Chicago. It explores how area code 847 is intertwined with the vibrant city of Chicago, shedding light on its role in the local telecommunications infrastructure.

847 Area Code Time Zone:

Time zones add another layer of understanding to area codes. This section provides insights into the time zone corresponding to area code 847, ensuring clarity for those making calls or scheduling appointments within this region.

What Area Code Is 847 In Illinois?

Zooming in further, this section explores the presence of area code 847 specifically within the state of Illinois. It delves into the cities and communities that fall under the umbrella of this area code in Illinois.

874 Area Code:

In the realm of area codes, neighboring numerical identifiers can spark curiosity. This section briefly explores the adjacent area code 874, offering context for those interested in the broader telecommunication landscape.

847 Phone Number:

Understanding the mechanics of acquiring a phone number within area code 847 is essential. This section touches upon the process of obtaining a phone number associated with area code 847, providing practical insights.

224 Area Code:

Adjacent area codes can share common ground. This section explores the relationship between area code 847 and its neighboring counterpart, area code 224, within the telecommunications network.

773 Area Code:

For a broader understanding of the Illinois telecommunication network, this section introduces the area code 773. It discusses how this code intersects with area code 847 and the specific regions it encompasses.

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312 Area Code:

Expanding the scope, this section introduces the area code 312. It explores the areas covered by this code, providing a comprehensive view of the telecommunication landscape in relation to area code 847.

What Area Code Is 847? (Reiteration):

Summarizing the key points, this section revisits the central question, encapsulating the essence of what area code 847 represents and its interconnectedness within the American telecommunication framework.


Area code 847, with its numerical resonance, serves as a vital link in the telecommunication chain. Understanding its geographical implications, time zone relevance, and connections to neighboring area codes enhances our appreciation for the intricate web of connectivity that spans the state of Illinois and beyond.


What Town Is 847 Area Code?

Where is area code 847? Area code 847 is located in northeastern Illinois and covers Elgin, Waukegan, Arlington Heights, Evanston, and Schaumburg.

Is Area Code 847 A Toll Free Number?

No. The (847) Area Code is not a toll-free number.

Where Is Area Code 847 In Texas?

Where is the 847 area code located? The 847 Area Code is located in northeastern Illinois that covers Evanston, Elgin, Schaumburg, Waukegan, and Arlington Heights.

What Area Code Is 847 312?

Area codes 847 (northern suburbs) and 630 (western suburbs) were created from a split of suburban area code 708 in 1996. Shortly after in 1996, area code 773 was created for the residential parts of the city of Chicago, while downtown kept area code 312.

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