What is Video Production, Types, and Its Phases

Video production is a very extensive process of making videos from the time of its concept to the final stage, where it gets executed. Video production is not to be confused with film production because video production is possible through videos recorded on phones or stored on any memory card, SD card, or CDs rather than having a film stock which is what film production is. With the growing market of highly advanced technological advancements, video production has taken the world by storm. Rather than using old-school methods, video production has made a video making much easier by making the whole process faster, resulting in a better turnaround. It saves time and money. Moreover, big video production companies have set p a team of highly experienced professionals who help in pre-visualization and finally bring out a jaw-breaking product! Companies like Arc Studios work to produce top-notch videos with their advanced equipment and a team of experts working on nothing less than perfection!

Types of Video Production

Video production can be time-consuming, but the duration depends largely on what kind of video produces. If it is a one-minute video but requires great technical skill and detail, the time can vary from a few hours to many months. It all depends on the level of high-quality product required. Video production has different types, each having its targeted audience. The most common are educational, promotional, informational, and entertainment videos and documentaries. 

Educational Videos

Having something to learn through visual content is easier to retain and comprehend. These videos are used in classrooms for students, seminars, and training projects. Educational videos have also been of immense help during Covid times, making it easier to convey information through media, saving time and energy. 

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are not to be confused with advertisements. These are short videos with to-the-point information, made interesting with short, creative videos. They are also a great source for marketing as they attract genuinely interested customers. Only the viewers who want more detail about the particular product in the video can choose to see it. Otherwise, you can skip it. Such is not the case with advertisements on television screens. The videos hold importance for brands marketing their product and getting interested consumers mostly clicking on their videos and eventually giving a better turnover. Arc Studios has great studio space to make these videos without any hassle. 

Informational Videos

Informational videos can be related to educational videos. They are short and precise, giving just the required information about a specific issue without going into its depths. Since we live in the age of smartphones, informational videos help give news updates, making getting the required detail thorough and quick, thus saving time. Moreover, informational videos are ma through your phones rather than carrying heavy equipment to record something. 

Entertainment Videos

Arc Studios is a video production company that caters to all video-making processes. Entertainment videos are one of them. These videos have a broader spectrum in terms of their audience, for such videos are made for many social sites like Facebook and Instagram but also for tv shows, movies, and so on. These videos are more in demand and require a lot of skill because of the audience they cater to. It’s vast, and any mess-up will not go down too well. Thus, renowned companies like Arc Studios, with the necessary high-tech equipment, can assist in doing the job well. 


Documentaries also fall under the canopy of entertainment videos due to their popularity but are more reality-based. Channels like NAT Geo or Discovery have numerous documentaries, and now apps like Netflix have a collection too. Documentary production can also be tricky since they get shot on real-life issues, and nothing is artificial as is possible for other kinds of videos. 

Phases of Video Production

Arc Studios is one of those large setups that provide a team of experts who dexterously help clients with the whole video production phase from pre-production to post-production. 


Pre-Production is when everything is pre-planned before the curtain arises from initial planning, shoot locations, or pre-visualization, which Arc Studios provides. It also works on scripts, the cast, crew, and costumes. All things required for the video are planned thoroughly before the actual shoot begins. A company like Arc Studios emphasizes pre-production and gives its clients a complete tour of how to proceed with its production for smooth sailing. It starts with the project’s vision, then a team of experts gives a video content consultation. When everything is finalized, they move on to the next time. 


The phase where the actual production starts is the most time-consuming and hectic. This is where the actual work starts. Arc Studios has highly advanced equipment which helps in producing high-quality videos. Meptik is one of its tech partners who guide the client on which virtually set design sets will be most appropriate for their project and if they require editing. Next, the team comes together to go through all that has been finalized as envisioned. Once that is done, the art direction and lighting are set, and the shoot is ready to begin. 

Post Production

Lastly, this is when all the editing takes place. Color is checked, shots are streamlined, and all the special effects like CGI are used. Post-production is also an integral part of the phase since, without fixing the shot video. All the effort can go in vain. This phase is trickier since it requires much attention to detail and a complete makeover of a beautifully crafted piece. 

Thus, video production is a lengthy process. It requires great kill and quality equipment, but it can be fruitful once the project succeeds. To get the perfect result, Arc Studio, a sister company to Gear Seven and Shift Dynamics, ensures everything benefits its clients. 


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