Who Is The Founder Of Honda?

The founder of Honda opened its first dealership in the United States. Honda owner’s engineering and marketing skills resulted in producing the best-selling motorcycles in the world! This company changed the usual view on traditions of running a business not only in his country but also around the world. You can keep on reading further to find out who is the founder of Honda Moto Co. Ltd.

Who Is The Founder Of Honda?

The founder of Honda is Soichiro Honda who was a Japanese engineer and industrialist. He established Honda Motor Co. Ltd in 1948 along with the co-founder of Honda Takeo Fujisawa. From a wooden shack manufacturing bicycle motors, he expanded his business to a multinational automobile and motorcycle manufacturer.

Soichiro Honda’s success story is worth knowing! You can keep on reading to know more about the founder of Honda Motors.

About The Founder Of Honda

Honda’s founder was born in Komyo village, Iwata District, Shizuoka on November 17, 1906. He often spent his early childhood helping his father Gihei Honda. His father was a blacksmith and use to sit with his bicycle repair business. Whereas his mother Mika Honda was a weaver.

Right from the beginning, Honda was not interested in traditional education. Even as a toddler, Honda was thrilled by the first car he saw in his village. He often used to say that he could never forget the smell of oil the car gave off! He once borrowed one of his father’s bicycles to see a demonstration of an airplane made by pilot Art Smith. 

At the age of 15, he left home and headed to Tokyo in search of work. In 1992, he obtained an apprenticeship at a garage. Over here, he stayed for six years working as a car mechanic. He returned back to his home to start his own auto repair business in 1928 at the age of 22.

The founder of the Honda Motor Company even raced a turbocharged Ford in the 1st Japan Automobile Race in 1936. Here, his car got crashed, and seriously injured his left eye. During this race, his brother was also injured. After this fatal accident, he quit racing!

Honda hired Takeo Fujisawa who oversaw the financial side of the company and helped the firm to expand. Being the president of Honda Motor, Soichiro turned the company into a billion-dollar multinational that produced the best-selling motorcycles! In 1959, the company opened its first dealership in the United States.

Honda company owner’s engineering and marketing skills resulted in Honda motorcycles outselling Triumph and Harley-Davidson. He remained president of Honda Motors until his retirement in 1973. During this time, he stayed director and was appointed as supreme advisor in 1983. 

Soichiro and his wife Sachi both held private pilot’s licenses even at their advanced age. He often used to enjoy skiing, golf, racing cars, hang gliding, and ballooning. He was also a highly accomplished artist. Soichiro died on August 5, 1991, just a few days before the Hungarian Grand Prix. He was 84 years old at the time of his death and Soichiro Honda’s cause of death was liver failure.

According to Forbes, IMDb, & other online resources, Soichiro Honda’s net worth is $92 billion before he died. Soichiro Honda’s son Hirotoshi Honda is a Japanese business magnate, engineer, and the founder of Mugen Motorsports.

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Who Is Owner Of Honda?

Soichiro Honda, Founder of Honda Motor Co | Honda Cars India.

Does The Honda Family Still Own Honda?

Well, the answer to “Who owns Honda?” is simple- Honda is owned by Honda! Honda started producing motorcycles in 1949 and then began producing cars in1963. Discover more about the unique Honda brand, including where Honda they are located, where their vehicles are built, and more at Walla Walla Valley Honda.

Why Is Toyota Better Than Honda?

Toyota typically wins in reliability while Honda has stronger safety ratings according to Automotive News. Toyota and Honda often rank high in the annual Consumer Reports’ Auto Reliability Survey, beating out other automakers such as Mazda, Ford, and Chevrolet.

Who Is Honda’s Biggest Competitor?

Honda competitors include Audi, Chrysler, General Motors, Polaris Inc. and Nissan. Honda ranks 1st in Product Quality Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Was Soichiro Honda Poor?

Early Life of Soichiro Honda

He was the eldest son of Gihei (his father) and Mika (his mother) Honda. Gihei was a skilled blacksmith and his mother an accomplished weaver. His family was, relatively poor but Soichiro’s childhood was, nonetheless, happy.

What Is Honda Competitive Advantage?

Honda’s brand equity is an extremely valuable source of its competitive advantage since consumers are willing to pay a premium for Honda’s vehicles because of the power of its brand and its association with quality and value. As a result, it has led Honda to have best-in-class repeat purchase rates.


Soichiro Honda is the founder of the Honda Company while Takeo Fujisawa co-founded the company alongside him. He was a Japanese engineer and industrialist who expanded his bicycle manufacturing business to an automobile and motorcycle business! The founder of Honda earlier used to work as a car mechanic for six years in Tokyo.

Who founded the Honda Foundation?

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