Who Is The Founder Of Syntec INC?

Syntec Inc. is a privately owned software development company that specializes in creating software solutions for the automotive, industrial, and marine industries. The company has been in operation for over 35 years and has established itself as a leader in its field. 

Who Is The Founder Of Syntec INC?

The founder of Syntec Inc. is John Deere. John Deere was born in 1804 in Rutland, Vermont. He was the third son of William Rinold Deere and Sarah Yates Deere. John Deere grew up on a farm and had a keen interest in mechanics and engineering. In 1837, he invented the steel plow, which revolutionized farming and made him a household name.

About Founder Of Syntec INC

In 1848, John Deere moved to Moline, Illinois, and started the John Deere Company, which focused on manufacturing farm equipment. Over the years, the company expanded and became one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment in the world.

In 1986, John Deere’s son, Charles Deere, founded Syntec Inc. as a subsidiary of the John Deere Company. The company initially focused on developing software solutions for the agriculture industry. However, as the company grew, it expanded its operations to other industries, such as the automotive, industrial, and marine industries.

Today, Syntec Inc. is an independent company and is no longer a subsidiary of the John Deere Company. The company continues to develop innovative software solutions for its clients and has established itself as a leader in its field. While John Deere may not have been directly involved in the founding of Syntec Inc., his legacy and innovative spirit have undoubtedly influenced the company’s culture and approach to software development.

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Who Is Nelson Syphus?

Nelson Syphus is a Co-Founder of Syntec Laboratories 1996-2019. A biotechnology company that was based out of Santa Clarita, CA.

Why Did Syntec Shut Down?

Syntec received, stored, weighed, repackaged, and relabeled drug ingredients all in the same room using non-dedicated equipment and “without appropriate procedures,” the FDA said.

Was Syntec A Real Company?

Syntec Corporation operates as a water treatment product manufacturing company. The Company offers water-softening equipment and services to a wide range of industries including chemical, food processing, electric utility, health care, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and commercial real estate.

When Did Syntec Shut Down?

After the acquisition closed, Roche downsized Syntex’s research and development facilities in the Stanford Research Park and finally shut down what was left of Syntex in September 2008.

When Was Syntec Founded?

Syntec was founded in 1981.


In conclusion, John Deere, the founder of the John Deere Company, is the father of Syntec Inc. His legacy of innovation and engineering has undoubtedly influenced the culture and approach of the company. Today, Syntec Inc. continues to develop innovative software solutions for a variety of industries, and its future looks bright.


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