Who Is The Founder Of Intel

Intel is an American multinational corporation. The founder of Intel established this company 53 years ago in 1986. So, in this post, I will tell you who is the founder of Intel Corporation. Keep on reading to know more details about the founder of Intel.

Who Is The Founder Of Intel

The founder of Intel is Gordon Moore, Andrew Grove, and Robert Noyce. Gordon is an American businessman, engineer, and author of Moore’s law. Andrew was an American-Hungarian businessman, engineer, and CEO of Intel Corporation. Whereas Robert was an American physicist and entrepreneur.

About The Founder Of Intel

The founder of Intel Gordon was born in San Francisco, California. He grew up in nearby Pescadero where his father was the country sheriff. Later on, he attended San Jose State University for two years. Gordon received a B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.

In 1954, Moore specialized in Physics and received a Ph.D. in chemistry. From 1953 to 1956, Gordon conducted postdoctoral research at the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University. Gordon and Robert Noyce founded NM Electronics which later on became Intel Corporation. At the first, he served as executive vice president and then he became president of Intel.

The co-founder of Intel Robert Norton Noyce was nicknamed the Mayor of Silicon Valley. He also co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957. In fact, he is also credited with the realization of the first monolithic integrated circuit or microchip. Robert grew up in Grinnell, Iowa. During his high school days, Robert exhibited a talent for mathematics and science. He even took Grinnell College’s freshman physics course in his senior year.

Andrew Stephan Grove, the founder of Intel chip was the third employee and third CEO of Intel. He transferred the company into the world’s largest semiconductor company. In fact, Andrew even had a considerable influence on electronics manufacturing industries worldwide. Later on, in 2000, Andrew was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He became a contributor to several foundations that sponsor research toward a cure.

The founder of intel processors earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the City College of New York. Later on, attended and graduated with his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Andrew was the fourth employee of Intel. Earlier, Grove worked as the company’s director of engineering. Later on, he wrote a book named High Output Management. In this book, he described many of his methods and manufacturing concepts. 

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Who Is The Owner Of Intel?

The majority shareholders of Intel include former board chair Andy Bryant and former CEOs Brian Krzanich and Robert Swan.

Who Invented Intel CPU?

American engineers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore invented Intel CPU.

When Was Intel Founded?

Intel was founded on July 18, 1968.

Is Andrew Grove Alive?

No, Andrew Grove is not alive. He was found dead at his home in 2016.

What City Was Intel Founded In?

Intel was founded in Mountain View, California, United States.

What Mathematical Equation Was Created By A Founder Of Intel?

The founder of Intel created a mathematical equation named Moore’s law. It is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense IC double about every two years.

Who Invented The Intel Chip?

In November, 1971, a company called Intel publicly introduced the world’s first single chip microprocessor, the Intel 4004 (U.S. Patent #3,821,715), invented by Intel engineers Federico Faggin, Marcian E. (Ted) Hoff and Stan Mazor.

Does Google Use Intel?

Intel-based instances in Google Cloud are optimized for compute, memory, storage, and network-intensive workloads.

Is Intel A Monopoly In The Chip Market?

42 years ago, Intel got its monopoly by winning the PC processor slot and still has over 70% market share in PC processors.

Who Is Leading AMD Or Intel?


Intel still leads the market for CPUs, offering the best balance between price and performance. Because of their unrivaled single-thread clock speeds, gamers will certainly want to go for an Intel CPU. AMD is increasingly competitive, and their new Ryzen 9 chip is the most powerful consumer-grade CPU.


With the help of my above article, you got to know who was the founder of Intel in detail. Gordon Moore, Andrew Grove, and Robert Noyce together founded this corporation. Over here, they developed several Intel processors and chips. You can check on Intel wiki to know about Intel’s history. Thus, that’s all you need to know about the founder of Intel.

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