Who Is The Founder Of Structuralism

The founder of Structuralism established this theory in the 18th century. It is a theory of consciousness. This theory is also known as structural psychology. So, in this post, you will get to know who is the founder of Structuralism in Psychology. You can keep on reading to know more about the founder of Structuralism in detail.

Who Is The Founder Of Structuralism

The founder of Structuralism is Wilhelm Wundt. The birth name of the founder of Structuralism in psychology is Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt. He was a German physiologist, philosopher, and professor.

About The Founder Of Structuralism

The founder of Structuralism, Wilhelm is known today as one of the fathers of modern psychology. He was the one who distinguished psychology as a science from philosophy and biology. In fact, he was the first person ever to call himself a psychologist

Later on, in 1879, Wundt founded the first formal laboratory for psychological research at the University of Leipzig. Thus, this marked psychology as an independent field of study. This laboratory also helped him to establish Structuralism psychology as a separate science from other disciplines. 

His new lab was full of graduate students carrying out research on topics assigned by Wundt. In fact, it soon attracted young scholars from all over the world who were eager to learn about the new science developed by Wundt. The founder of Structuralism also arranged suitable instruments such as tachistoscopes, chronoscopes, pendulums, and more. Wundt was known to assign an instrument to various graduate students with the task of developing users for future research in experimentation.

In 1879, Wundt started conducting experiments in his formal laboratory of psychology. This laboratory, later on, grew and encompassed a total of eleven rooms. The Psychological Institute eventually moved to a new building that Wundt had designed specifically for psychological research.

Wilhelm Wundt Structuralism founder also formed his first academic journal for psychological research named Philosophische Studien. This journal was set up to publish the institute’s research.

The Structuralism psychology founder was born in Neckarau, Baden. He was the fourth child of parents Maximilian Wundt and Marie Frederike. Wundt’s paternal grandfather was a professor of geography and pastor in Wieblingen. 

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When Was Structuralism Founded?

Structuralism was founded in 1898 by Edward Titchener who described his system as Structuralism.

Who Is The Founder Of Structuralism In Linguistics?

The founder of Structuralism in Linguistics is Ferdinand de Saussure.

Who Are The Main Authors Of Structuralism?

The main authors of Structuralism are Marx, Durkheim, Saussure, Piaget, Levi-Strauss, and Althusser.

Who Is The Founder Of Structuralism And Functionalism?

The founder of Structuralism is Wilhelm Wundt whereas the founder of Functionalism is William James.

What Is The Difference Between Structuralism And Functionalism?

The key differences between Structuralism and Functionalism are as follows.

  • Structuralism study mainly focuses on the structure of the mind. This means it helps in analyzing consciousness spending on the elements of the mind.
  • On the other hand, Functionalism mainly focuses on the function of the mind. This means it helps in analyzing why and how the mind functions.

Give One Example Of Structuralism In Psychology.

Below, I have given one example of Structuralism in psychology.

A phone won’t have all of the smartphone’s expected features without a speaker. Without a speaker, people cannot communicate with one another on their phones.

Who Is The Philosopher Of Structuralism?

Along with Lévi-Strauss, the most prominent thinkers associated with structuralism include linguist Roman Jakobson and psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.

What Is The Main Criticism Of Structuralism?

The main critique of structuralism was its focus on introspection as the method by which to gain an understanding of conscious experience. Critics argue that self-analysis was not feasible, since introspective students cannot appreciate the processes or mechanisms of their own mental processes.

What Is The Style Of Structuralism?

Structuralism as a movement in architecture and urban planning evolved around the middle of the 20th century. It was a reaction to CIAM-Functionalism (Rationalism), which had led to a lifeless expression of urban planning that ignored the identity of the inhabitants and urban forms.

What Does Structuralism Believe In?

Structuralists believe that the underlying structures which organize rules and units into meaningful systems are generated by the human mind itself and not by sense perception.


With the help of my above article, you got to know who was the founder of Structuralism. Wilhelm Wundt is the one who founded Structuralism. However, the history of Structuralism is quite vast, you can check Wikipedia. Thus, that’s all you need to know about the founder of Structuralism.

What is structuralism and who founded this theory

Who is the father of structuralism and functionalism

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