Who Is The Founder Of Mitsubishi?

The founder of Mitsubishi continues to share the Mitsubishi brand and trademark. The Mitsubishi Group is informally known as the Mitsubishi and is a group of independent Japanese multinational companies. In today’s post, I will discuss who was the founder of Mitsubishi and the Mitsubishi company profile in detail.

Who Is The Founder Of Mitsubishi?

The founder of Mitsubishi was an ambitious young man named Yataro Iwasaki. He launched the first Mitsubishi company; a shipping firm in 1870. Yataro took a lease out on the government-owned Nagasaki Shipyard and named it Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works. He later started the shipbuilding business on a full scale.

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About The Founder Of Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi Group was historically descended from the Mitsubishi zaibatsu. It was a unified company that existed from 1870 to 1946. Later, the company was disbanded during the occupation of Japan following World War II. However, the former constituents of the company continue to share the Mitsubishi brand and trademark.

Mitsubishi’s founder chose a corporate emblem that combined the three oak leaves of the Tosa crest. It also involves three stacked diamonds of his family crest. In fact, that emblem is the source of the name “Mitsubishi” which means “three diamonds”. The founder made a public display of patriotism in 1874. He provided ships to carry Japanese troops to Taiwan and earned the gratitude of the government. The government also rewarded him with 30 vessels.

Mitsubishi was established in 1870 two years after the Meiji Restoration with shipping as its core business. In fact, it entered into coal mining to gain the coal needed for ships. They bought a shipbuilding yard from the government to repair the ships they used. They also founded an iron mill to supply iron to the shipbuilding yard, a marine insurance business, and so on. Later on, this experience of overseas shipping leads the firm to enter into a trading business.

In 1875, Yataro changed his company’s name to Mitsubishi Mail Steamship. It inherited the employees and facilities of a mail service disbanded by the government. However, Mitsubishi Mail Steamship also inaugurated service to China and Russia. They enjoyed a virtual monopoly on overseas routes but the political winds shifted against Mitsubishi in the early 1880s.

During World War II, the founder of Mitsubishi company manufactured military aircraft under the direction of Dr. Jiro Horikoshi. In fact, the Mitsubishi A6M Zero was a primary naval fighter of the Japanese military. A6M Zero was used by Imperial Japanese Navy pilots throughout the war. However, Allied pilots were astounded by its maneuverability and were very successful in combat. The company even made use of forced labor during this tenure. Here, laborers included Allied prisoners of war as well as Chinese and Korean citizens. 

For several years, Mitsubishi Group Subsidiaries were banned from coordinating with each other and from using the Mitsubishi name and trademarks. Later, these restrictions were lifted in 1952. This was because the Korean War generated a need for a stronger industrial base in Japan. Very few people are aware that Mitsubishi companies participated in Japan’s unprecedented economic growth of the 1950s and 1960s.

Mitsubishi Group is made up of 40 individual companies and each company owns substantial portions of the shares. Currently, Mitsubishi Group and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance are the owners of Mitsubishi. Nissan car company owns about 35% of Mitsubishi Motors as of now. 

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What Does Mitsubishi Mean In Japanese?

“Mitsubishi” is a combination of the words mitsu and hishi. Mitsu means three. Hishi means water chestnut, and Japanese have used the word for a long time to denote a rhombus or diamond shape. Japanese often bend the “h” sound to a “b” sound when it occurs in the middle of a word.

Does Caterpillar Own Mitsubishi?

MCFA is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and one of the worldwide MCF group of companies: MCFE (Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe) based in Almere, Netherlands.

Is Mitsubishi Now Owned By Nissan?

In 2011, Mitsubishi Motors was the sixth-largest Japanese automaker and the 19th-largest worldwide by production. Since October 2016, Mitsubishi has been one-third (34%) owned by Nissan, thus a part of the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance.

Why Did Mitsubishi Fall?

The company closed a hundred dealers in Japan, and U.S. sales fell off a cliff starting in 2008. Products like the Galant and the Lancer aged to the point at which they were uncompetitive, and they were shelved.

Who Is Mitsubishi Owned By?

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance

Who is Mitsubishi owned by? In October of 2016, Mitsubishi joined the now Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Nissan is the majority owner and has a 34% share of Mitsubishi Motors.

Who Is The Competitor Of Mitsui?

Mitsui & Co.’s competitors and similar companies include Brookfield Business Partners, Hong Leong Group, Mitsubishi, Sojitz, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, Marubeni and Sumitomo.


Yataro Iwasaki is the original founder of the Mitsubishi company which is a shipping firm launched in 1870. The company registered its trademark (the three-diamond symbol) in 1914. The founder of Mitsubishi worked for the clan and distinguished himself in managing its Osaka trading operations.

Who is the founder of Mitsubishi Motors

Where did Mitsubishi come from?